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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

Well, my plan was to spend Monday inside, out of the heat and the sun, stitching. But you know how it goes.. my brother showed up with my niece, out of the blue. What a wonderful surprise! I have seen him only twice in maybe the last three or four years, because he works overseas and when he gets home, he stays home. We gathered all my kids and the grandbabies and had a great time on the lake, laughing and telling stories on each other.

What fun!

Of course, now I am a day behind.. and next weekend will not be any better since a whole different bunch of family is coming to Dallas for my other niece's graduation! I guess I better spend the next few evenings busy busy!

LOL... it was well worth it.

Y'all have a wonderful, stitchy day!

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