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Monday, February 8, 2010


I had the girls on Friday and Saturday nights - and the younger one is waaaay off on her sleeping schedule. Or something. She went to bed at 9:30 pm, then was up and wide awake at 3:08am!!! We sat in the rocker and every time her breathing would start getting even like she was going out again, she would sit straight up in my lap and say DAAAA! and wake herself up again. I crawled back into my bed at 5:48am! Had to be up by 7:30am, not much sleep. Then we did it all over again on Saturday night. I have already told mom and dad that Yaya is old now and can only do without sleep ONE night per weekend. I was a total zombie most of Sunday. Coffee did not help much.

I did, however, find the energy after they went home to sit down and at least get seven stitches in my HAED Butterfly, and a bit done on the Stitching for a Cure quilt block for Donna. It is going very quickly; it's a very easy stitch!

I have figured out something of a rotation schedule for all my projects. Mindy's Never the Same on Monday eves, Brotherly Love on Tuesday (I get home later on Tues and Thursdays so less time to stitch), Madi's birth announcement on Wed eve and Kryssie's chinese characters on Thursdays. I will save the SFAC quilt square for the office at lunch and work on my butterfly on the weekends.

Now let's just see how good I am at keeping the plan working! LOL..

Back to work now...y'all have a wonderful day!


  1. I can agree with the sleep....although right now the couple of times GD has stayed with us, she's slept pretty much thru the night. And she's only 2 months old!

    Good luck on your rotations!