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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A day off just for ME

Aaaah... took two days of PTO today and tomorrow, and I declared a "mom's off limits" day!! That means do not call me unless you see bones or blood. Do not ask me to babysit or give you a ride anywhere. Do not ask me to cook. I AM OFF.

Feels good! I have been crocheting all day, watched Harry Potter #5 and a really sweet movie called Serendipity with John Cusack. Fought the cats off the crochet project - I'm using Fun Fur and they really love to mess with it.

It's time to put down the scarf and pick up Brotherly Love for a while. I have to get everything set up to watch Texas and Alabama here in a little bit... GO HORNS!!

Brotherly Love will be awesome. I found some Sassy Fabric in blue with little blue pawprints - it's going to be way cool. I am looking forward to getting quite a bit of it done tonight. Maybe even finish it this weekend! What fun...

Guess I'm done for now. Y'all take care!

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