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Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Monday 01/18

Yesterday was my "baby's" 19th birthday. I am so getting old! LOL.. I really do not feel my age, and my DH says that might be a problem (he claims I am in denial) but I believe that you are only as old as you feel, and I don't. Let HIM be old.

This past weekend was restful. I went through my stash, trying to find my magnifying clip-ons but never did find them. I suspect the grandbabies know EXACTLY where they are! :) Anyway, in the process I managed to separate the keepers from the swaps, and now I know what I want to trade. Among other items, I have a few cross-stitch magazines that I got from an ebayer some time ago. I also have some charts etc. I will make a list to post here during this week.

I got DDIL's quilt almost finished. I only have a little bit left to do, and probably would have finished it but for the biscornu that was calling my name. :)
I am looking forward to getting it completed so I can mark it so on my list!

Back to work.. slow day, but I am not getting paid to be HERE.



  1. Happy Monday to you too! You've done some serious organizing..

  2. Happy Monday! Sounds like you had a productive weekend.