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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goals for 2010 / WIP / UFOs, etc

Right now I have four projects going. That's not bad for me. I have Brittercup designs "Brotherly Love" started for my DMIL.

I am doing a piece for the American Soldier Memorial project called "God Family and Country." I really need to get to work on that one.

My basic goals for 2010 are to get both of those completed - shouldn't be too hard, in a perfect world! LOL... perfect world...

I have Rose of Sharon (Mirabilia) waiting in the wings for when I get really crazy and decide I need something to work on to drive me totally nuts. She's going to be beautiful, but oh my, all those shades of yellow!

I have another one that I can't find a photo of, will have to add it later from home. It is for a wonderful lady named Mindy who takes very good care of my mom in the nursing home. That one REALLY needs to move back out to live by my chair.

I also want to make Christmas ornaments for all the kids for next year. They were pretty disappointed that I didn't do that this last Christmas. I have them already picked out - someone gave me some kits to do that will be perfect.

So I have my work cut out for me!


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