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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My oldest granddaughter is Madisyn. She just turned two. She has such an adorable sense of humor already.

Last night I was babysitting because mom and dad both work late shifts and Aunt Holleigh had to work so I am the backup.

We taught Madi sign language before she learned to talk because I read somewhere that cuts down on frustration and temper tantrums etc (don't believe it - she throws some DOOZIES!). Her sign vocabulary includes Daddy, Mommy, kitty and puppy. We created a sign for Grandpa, which since he has a beard is stroking your chin like a beard.

So back to last night - I am trying to get her to go to sleep, which she is fighting like crazy. She is sitting up, playing, talking, anything to stay awake. All of a sudden she starts running through her sign vocabulary, mommy, daddy, grandpa, kitty, etc. THEN she cracked me up completely - she started making her signs on MY face! She was making the signs and saying the words over and over. It was all I could do to keep from giggling - such a cutie!

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